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'Anyone can make it' microwave lemon curd recipe

You can make this, really you can. You need only 4 ingredients, a few common kitchen utensils. Oh, and you need a microwave. (You can make lemon curd on a hob but not with this recipe). If you are caring for someone living with dementia who used to love to cook or enjoys food then there is no reason to give up cooking with them.

All of my recipes have been designed to be easy to follow and with plenty of opportunity for carer and loved one to work together and share the experience. The level of participation will be very personal and go from minimal supervision, through stiring and grating, to reading the recipe and watching. As always I need to add a note of caution:

You know the person you are caring for the best; their memory, understanding and judgement. I cannot advise how safe each of these steps will be for everyone. I have highlighted possible danger points to guide you but common sense on the part of the caregiver is essential.



I have increased the sugar content as it is common for dementia to mess with taste buds and bitter tastes become more bitter, so lemon can taste more lemony and so on. Adding a little more sugar helps to counteract this sensitivity but do alter the levels to suit you.

There is a PDF file of the recipe below. You can then print the recipe and it can be easily read and followed .


What you will need:

2 lemons

2 eggs

125g caster sugar

60g butter (butter will give you the best flavour but spreadable butter or margerine will do too)


2 small bowls  - including one that is microwave safe

hand whisk

sharp knife

weighing scales

citrus juicer (you can also just squeeze the cut lemons)




What to do:

  1. Break the eggs into a bowl and then gently whisk them so that you have a runny orange liquid.
  2. Cut the lemons in half and squeeze as much juice out as you can using your hands or a juicer.  Sharp knife - beware!
  3. Add the lemon juice to the eggs and mix together.
  4. Using the sieve strain the lemon and egg mixture into the microwave safe bowl to remove the pips and thick bits of egg yolk.
  5. Weigh the butter and sugar and add them both to the sieved lemon mixture.
  6. Cover the bowl and microwave it 1 minute at a time. After each minute stir the lemon curd well. After a few minutes the mixture will start to thicken. Liquid will get hot - beware!
  7. Once thickened enough to drop off the spoon rather than run off it leave the lemond curd to cool and then you can eat it - delicious on a piece of bread.

The most perfect end to this cooking adventure is to invite someone for tea and see the joy in your loved one's face as you tell everyone that he or she made the lemon curd!

 Lemon Curd recipe PDF



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