Anything But Bingo

Resources to enhance the daily life of people living with dementia

The journey begins

AnythingButBingo isn't even live yet and I'm writing my first post. I have so many ideas and just want to get them all down on the page for you to read. I wrote a list last night of ideas for posts; everything from recipies to book reviews.

The premise of AnythingButBingo is to inspire and inform anyone who spends time with someone living with dementia with ideas for activities and ways to modify favourite hobbies and pastimes. 

And so it begins .....

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               Who am I?



I am a forty-something mother of two.

I love learning and creating, and do

what I can to improve the well-being

of people living with dementia.

I have worked in residential dementia

care for a few years and hope that I

have something useful to share.



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