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This is a very quick post today; partly as the topic doesn't really warrant a long discussion and partly as the dog is waiting for a walk!! Today's offering is also an untested one. I plan to try using it at work this week and will report back but in the meantime I thought you might like to try it too.

I spy, as a traditional verbal game, may well be beyond the capabilities of someone with a dementia that is affecting their concentration, short term memory and language skills. However I have put together a pictoral version which should address some of those difficulties. The printable sheet I have added below doesn't have "ISpy" as a visible title as I felt this may offend an adult who might see it as a childish game. I will be refering to this as a word game which should be more acceptable.

I will be trying this game with a couple of the people I work with who have more advanced dementia but still have some verbal skills. I will be watching carefully for any signs of distress if the person really can't find the words (anomia), and I will also reiterate that pointing at the picture will do just fine, they don't need to be able to name the object out loud.

If this is successful and enjoyed I will make some more. So let me know how you get on with it and check back for more information.

Printable ISpy sheet



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